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On June 15th I gave a talk in the Stadt Museum, Duren, near Aachen, and together with Reiner Sauer who co-translated the text I unveiled the limited edition of the German version of Why Am I Still Here? 

29 November 2016 11.30 am Stapenhill Cemetery,  Burton on Trent.: flowers laid  at the Commonwealth War Grave of German POW Paul Titz to mark 70th anniversary of his death. Prayers were said by Fr. John Paul and by Canon Geoffrey Willetts. This is almost certainly the first time his death has been marked since his original burial.

  My book  (well, booklet) is now out.  

Why Am I Still Here? tells Paul's story - that of a very young  German Merchant Seaman, who served as the captain's steward on the scout ship Gonzenheim during Operation Rheinübung and became a POW. The book is based around the fascinating and poignant letters he wrote on the eve of Rheinübung and during five years of captivity in the UK and Canada

 My first venture into self-publishing.



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A little bit about me....



I'm primarily a maritime and naval author,  though my books have included an illustrated history of Trafalgar Square, a companion to the Imperial War Museum's War Correspondent exhibition, and the TV-tie in for Dan Snow's three-part Dig WW2, which took me into land conflict and air warfare (though I had covered a century of naval aviation while writing Carrier) as well as naval aspects.  

You may be surprised to find a big article about antique mercury barometers and the Ortelli family  who made them, in Britain. This is my guilty pleasure. There is something very special about these useful, decorative, handcrafted instruments - and the story of the Italian immigrants who came to Britain in the late 18th century to make them.



I enjoy giving talks on various subjects connected with my research:

The Loss of the Winterton, 1792: The wreck of the Winterton off Madagascar in 1792 and the adventures of the men and women who survived.

The Convicts of The Amphitrite: the women who never made it to Australia

Day Trip To Disaster: the wreck of the Rothsay Castle

Mercurial Immigrants: the Italians who came to Britain from Lake Como to sell and make barometers.

A Corner of an English Field that is Forever German: the talk based on 'Why Am I Still Here?'and of the research itself.


For talks in 2017, I charge £40 for venues within a radius of 15 miles of my home; additional mileage is calculated at 30p per mile. 

I did have a form, but the spammers got hold of it, so please use the following email, substituting @ for [AT]

Ships you have to visit
the Quest for the Ortellis and their Barometers

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